General Operating Support

To achieve our mission of advancing American theatre and its communities, we distribute funds every year to our founding theatres to be used for general operating support.
To do their best work, funding is needed for salaries, rent, supplies, and the costs of putting on their award-winning productions every year. We commit to funding general operating support so that our theatres can do what they do best.


The Importance of General Operating Support

In order to have education programming and continue building Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practices in their theatres and within their local community, our theatres must be able to stay afloat. By providing unrestricted funding, we hope to ease some of the pressures that our theatres face in fundraising, assist them in investing in their employees and artists, and help in their organizational success, beyond the scope of specific programming.
In addition to annual distributions, we have found other opportunities to provide general operating support to our theatres. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped secure general operating support for all 19 of our theatres in the form of Emergency Relief grants from the Hearst Foundations. 

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