Theatre Forward’s vision in education is to support programs that bring the benefits of theatre training to everyone, regardless of economic background.

The Proven Benefits of Arts Education

Our passion for these programs is backed by research we meticulously collected over a five year period, including data from students at all 19 of our partner theatres, their teachers, and the business community.

Theatre in the Classroom

Our data showed us that arts education programs lay the foundation for important psychological and emotional development for young people.
By participating in our theatre programs, we found that students

 Attended school more often
 Strengthened their social skills
 Developed self-confidence
 Are more comfortable taking positive risks
 Became skilled collaborators
 Gained a newfound understanding of different cultures

Theatre in the World

We extended our research to adults to find out how arts education has aided them as an executive in the modern workforce as well as how lifelong learners use theatre to share their own personal narratives.
We found that:

 Corporate executives felt that only 8% of people were prepared to enter the
workforce and succeed
 In addition, they felt that these deficiencies exist regardless of education
level or type of job
 Half of the executives surveyed believed the arts could develop valuable
skills outside of the creative sector, thus helping to address these
 Half contribute their success to their arts background, and almost all
report that they participated in the arts

Our conclusion: When we deprive folks access to the arts, we deprive them of the opportunity to grow and learn vital life skills.


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