Theatre Forward supports access and opportunities throughout our network of theatres for educating through theatre at every grade level and beyond.

Our theatres work to bring the benefits of resident professional theatre and education programs to their communities. Studies continue to show that children in poverty and at-risk especially benefit from an education rich in the arts; yet, their access is the most limited. Theatre Forward strives to close that crucial opportunity gap, especially since our own research shows how crucial the skills gained in theatre education are in the 21st century workforce.  Therefore, Theatre Forward places special priority on connecting underserved and under-represented individuals and communities to theatre.

Additionally, exposure to theatre contributes to a greater understanding of people, cultural and global ideas beyond one’s community.  Beyond support for K-16 programs, we support learning throughout the lifespan, community engagement and programs that are inclusive in their approach to bringing theatre and its unique features to people in every community and age group.

Current education Initiatives:

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