How do we “Advance Strong Theatre”?

Theatre Forward supports programs and thought-provoking performances that empower communities and fuel positive social change while building a sense of belonging.


The Origins of Advancing Strong Theatre

A few years ago, we launched the first funding project of Advancing Strong Theatre. At the time, it was an ambitious initiative to enhance the way theatres engage with and strengthen their local community, deepen relationships, and empower individuals, so that everyone, regardless of income, education, age, race, religion, ability and/or gender identity, could experience theatre and its benefits. 
We realized soon after it began, that we needed to continue this community engagement work. The pilot round of four $50,000 grants were awarded to Guthrie TheaterSeattle RepDallas Theater Centerand The Old Globe. It was clear that these projects have made a substantial impact on the lives of their participants, the theatres, and the broader community through storytelling workshops, free-to-public performances, professional tours to community centers, acting workshops, open mics, and other community events.


Continuing the work

As a funder of Advancing Strong Theatre, Bank of America knew this work had to continue. Now, with an exclusive corporate sponsorship, Bank of America is securing Theatre Forward’s next phase of this grant program on a multi-year basis. Learn more about Bank of America ACTivate Awards here.
Now, Advancing Strong Theatre is a core part of Theatre Forward’s mission to provide access and opportunity in order to truly make theatres and their communities stronger across the country.
Grants and funding opportunities through Theatre Forward’s Advancing Strong Theatre initiative go towards making theatres a more equitable and inclusive space and authentically engaging members of the community who experience barriers to attend the theatre.
If you or your company is interested in funding an Advance Strong Theatre grant program, please contact us.


Bank of America ACTivate Awards



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