Unmasking Business Success


A copy of the Research can be downloaded HERE

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The Findings were released at a panel event on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Times Square.
Panel Included:
Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan
Diane Paulus, Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater
Luis Ubiñas, Advisor, Investor and Corporate Board Member
JAMES S. TURLEY, Theatre Forward Chairman, Moderator


“Technology is eating people’s jobs and in the next twenty years the workplace is going to look completely different. The thing that we have to encourage people to do and train people to do is use their brains.[…] I think it’s nonsense to divide things and make it sound like business on one side and arts on the other and somehow we are different people. We have to train everybody in understanding the power of the brain, the power of ideas.”

“Offices need people skills, I know from hiring people that people skills are essential. We know that they are for business and we also know that people skills in a digital age are under an incredible challenge.”

– Joanna Coles
Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan

“As I am listening, I think we have to make a stronger argument that the arts give us people skills. […] There is something deeper, and I actually think it’s a problem for the arts in general. The arts has to establish its necessity as part of our American civilization. That is the problem. The arts are sidelined.”

“How do we return the populism in theatre? How do we partner with businesses or technology, not in the way that will kill what we do, but just find new avenues for how we at the theatre can be experienced as impactful. It’s hard, because our impact is small, it’s intrinsic. It doesn’t always translate into broad numbers.”

-Diane Paulus
Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater

“I don’t believe you can have a business career in this day in age without fundamental training in creativity. You saw the survey; there are concerns about public speaking, concerns about creativity, concerns about writing. We are in an era where knowledge matters but creativity matters more.”

“This next world where machines are replacing people and technology is replacing humans and basic activities, like math can be much better done by a machine than a person…if you can’t move people emotionally, if you can’t convince, if you can’t feel or be felt, you’re not going to have future.”

– Luis Ubiñas
Advisor, Investor and Corporate Board Member

“What strikes me, is that on one level it is about competitiveness. […] If we lose this, if we lose generations of our youth, and they lack the “soft skills,” I think it will be to our own detriment.”

-James S. Turley, Moderator
Chairman, Theatre Forward


A copy of the complete survey can be found on our website, www.theatreforward.org/success