“Activating buildings around Central Market and the Tenderloin is key to the overall improvement of the area. I’m encouraged by A.C.T.’s purchase of The Strand and see it as an important step in cultivating a unique identity for the neighborhood that will bring new jobs and transform the community.”
San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee

In May 2015, Theatre Forward member American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) opened their second space, The Strand.  Located near the Civic Center on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, The Strand boasts a 283-seat theater, a 120-seat event and performance space and a welcoming lobby and café that will be open to city residents seeking a new destination in the Central Market neighborhood.

Located at 1127 Market Street, in the heart of a long-blighted neighborhood that is now undergoing remarkable transformation, The Strand will be a theater ingrained in the very fabric of its neighborhood, on a lively, crowded block in the middle of the city and at the heart of the burgeoning tech hub that is fueling innovation in San Francisco. The Strand will not just be a source of entertainment—it will also be a social, civic and educational center.

The Strand will attract a dazzling array of new and established talent through the productions from A.C.T.’s subscription season, serve as a home for productions from A.C.T.’s acclaimed Master of Fine Arts and Young Conservatory programs and a permanent facility for their Education and Community programs to explore creative opportunities, and give them even more freedom to produce a broad variety of theatrical work and boundary-pushing projects that span artistic disciplines.  Most significantly, The Strand will allow A.C.T. to deepen its impact on the city and community through the transformative power of theatre.

“The arts venue has to feel welcoming enough for a range of people to feel drawn to enter.  On one side of our new Strand Theater is an impoverished neighborhood whose inhabitants are barely making it, on the other side are tech workers toiling eighteen-hour days to stay ahead of the competition; neither group is going to naturally gravitate to a play.  So I know that in developing The Strand, audience building isn’t going to be simple.  I want multiple generations to find a home there.  One of my interest in opening The Strand is to figure out if and whether multiple and seemingly disconnected audiences can come and embrace The Strand as their theater.”
– A.C.T. Artistic Director Carey Perloff.

We are proud to have A.C.T. among our members and we will continue to work with them to bring forth the vision of building stronger communities through theatre.