Stories from the Drum celebrates and amplifies Native voices

All about Stories from the Drum:

Seeking to serve local Native communities by supporting an indigenous-led, indigenous-driven, indigenous-decolonized practice of working in community. Stories from the Drum will take shape via three forms of engagement.


First, a free series of three two-day community engagement workshops hosted at the Division of Indian Work focuses on celebrating and amplifying Native voices through storytelling processes that de-center storytelling tropes grounded in Western writing methodologies. The first of these workshops happened on December 1-2, the next one on March 30-31 and the last for this year was May 4-5. As these workshops took place, Guthrie Theater staff also received anti-colonialist equity, diversity, and inclusion training.


Next, local Native community members were invited to attend performances at the Guthrie with transportation, tickets, events and meals included in the invitation, dissolving barriers to access that stifle Native community members from participating in Guthrie season programming.


In June 2019, The project culminated in three free public performances by workshop participants on the Guthrie’s McGuire Proscenium stage. In the spirit of decolonization, all aspects of the performance (structure, content, design, etc.) were collaboratively devised with and within the community to fully reflect the culturally specific narratives and practices of the many tribes that make up the local Native community. An Indigenous Market took place in the Main Guthrie Lobby on both performance days.


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